-Four Point Inspections and Wind Mitigation Inspections( Insurance Inspections)

Four point Insurance Inspection covers (1)Roof (2)Electrical (wiring and panels)(3)HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)(4)Plumbing (Fixtures and Connections).
Four Point Inspections are needed at the time of purchase of a new home or to renew an existing policy and are often requested by the Insurance Company. They are looking to see that the four main systems, (the roof, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing), are in proper working condition and fulfilling their intended functions. 

-Wind Mitigation Insurance Inspections

The State if Florida requires Insurance Companies to offer a reduced rate for certain Wind Mitigation features under Florida Statue 626.0629.  The Statue states, “Insurance providers are required to offer discounts, credits or other rate differentials to Florida Homeowners for construction techniques that reduce damage and loss in windstorms”.  These discounts became effective in 2003.
We will document and help you submit the proper paperwork to your Insurance Company in order to take advantage of such credits and discounts.  Some save up 60%, with an average savings around 25%.

Wind Mitigation Inspections are available for all single family homes, condos, townhomes, and commercial buildings. Often times Insurance Companies require a Four Point Inspection in addition to a Wind Mitigation Inspection in order to receive any credits or discounts

-Listing Inspection (Pre-Sale Inspections)

Many sellers today are having home inspections done before listing their properties.  The reason I hear most from sellers is that they want to receive top dollar for their property once listed.  A Home Inspection can aid in the sale of your property by demonstrating full disclosure.  The seller will save money and hassle by knowing any defects or needed repairs before listing their property.  This helps the homeowner represent a fair listing price based on current condition.  Knowing all the facts about the property will aid in a quicker sale.

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-New Home Inspection
Sometimes the quality of new homes is often not what it used to be years ago. Many of today's buyers are having independent home inspections once the home/condo is built. This relatively inexpensive inspection protects your purchase, prevents unpleasant surprises and ensures the quality of your home was built to today's standard.

-Full Service Moving

 We provide custom moving rates based on what needs to be moved. Saving you money. We provide you with a list of options when it comes to your move. Call us to get a free price quote and a list of options that best fits your moving needs. We do Home, Condo, Townhouse, Apartments and Storage Units. We also load and unload PODS, ABF Trailers, and all moving trucks (U-Haul, Budget and Penske).

Custom Home Watch Services

Protect your investment with regular Home Watch Services.  As a trained and licensed Home Inspector I know what to look for.  In Florida we are home to high humidity which can cause mold, and if unnoticed, can cause thousands of dollars in damage especially if your AC goes out or is not in proper order.  If you are away from your home you can have peace of mind knowing your home will be protected and prepared in the event of bad weather (storms and hurricanes).  Sometimes even small leaks left unnoticed can cause thousands of dollars in damage, causing mold and damage to hardwood floors, carpet, tile, baseboards, and drywall.  With Home Watch Services you may also qualify for a less expensive homeowner’s policy.

-Pre-Purchase Inspection (Buyer Inspections)

  A home inspection is a very important step in buying a home; some would say it is the most important.  Knowing the condition of the components and structure of your future property will prove to be valuable.  Having a licensed home inspector who knows the difference between normal “wear and tear” and serious structural damage can save you lots of money down the road.

Home Inspections/Insurance Inspections/Full Service Moving

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-Roof Inspection Roof Condition Certification form (RFC)
 Many insurance providers today are requiring a Roof Inspection (typically completed on an Insurance specific Roof Condition Certification Form provided from your insurance).  They are most concerned with the useful life left on your roof (a 3 year minimum is standard) as well as certifying that there is no leaking, deteriorated, missing, or damaged areas of roofing.

  -single inspection of roof only outside of a roof inspection done during a full home inspection-